About Us

About Us

Coral Attained Quality System Administration certification base on the most rigorous quality controls at all stage of production in optimum condition on, or before time

Obtaining this certification was, for us, the result of teamwork and it means that we can give our customers the guarantee of total quality they deserve.

In Coral we are now in a position to go a step further. We are working on adapting our quality control system to the AN-ISO 9001:2008 standard which, as well as covering the standards already achieved through the ISO 9001 standard covers other aspects such as design control, the evaluation of customer satisfaction and the per-empting of customer expectations, these will enable us to respond before.

Our aim is to demonstrate that Coral will always continue to be synonymous with quality.

Welcome to world limited only by your imagination Creativity and innovative skills. A world spread your wings and find a myriad ways to express your wildest design fantasies.

The world of Coral Granito, pioneers ans one of the largest selling designer tiles company.

In the following pages you will be introduced to the latest collection of the rarest, most unconventional and imaginative designer tiles you’d have ever up your eyes on.